Effort for Mainsteaming The Conservation Issues

Effort for Mainsteaming The Conservation Issues

by December 18, 2018

An event in Taman Wisata Angka (TWA) Angke, General Directorate of Biodiversity Conservation – Direktorat Konservasi Keanekaragaman Hayati (KKH) – supported by EPASS held an event by presenting expert inSocial Media, Mr sosial Nukman Luthfie. Accoring to Indra Exploitasia, Director (Direktur) of KKH, presentation delivered by Nukman could contribute new horizon for employees in Direkorat KKH office related to the matter of processing Biodiversity Conservation for public information.


Mr Nukman in presentation, explained that recently the Biodiversity Conservation has been a “sexy” (interesting – hot topic) and obtained full attention from public. It takes a special management to raise public caring emotion to partakae in such issues.(fx)