Sulawesi Palm Civet Discovered in BNWNP

Sulawesi Palm Civet Discovered in BNWNP

by April 3, 2018

Kotamobagu/EPASS/April/2/2018 – Sulawesi Palm Civet (Macrogalidia musschenbroekii) is reported has been detected emerged inside the conservation area of Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park (BNWNP). This finding has debunked the myth of its extinction. The protected wildlife according to PP RI NO 7 1999 law has become a long gone mystery because of its existence cannot be traced anymore. Finally, Sulawesi civet has been seen directly by East Dumoga – lolayan patrol team, STPN Region II BNWNP together with the WCS. The Patrol activity conducted during march 2018 has successfully found Sulawesi Civet in a trap.


The finding is an achievement of BNWNP in implementing resort based management. “There is changing way in area management that implemented resort based management namely building patrol management and collaborative safeguarding area with nearby villages” Said Wiratno KSDAE Director General of KLHK. This discovery is also a start for advance research that possibly found new species flora & fauna. He added.


On the other hand, the head of BNWNP Lukita Awang Nistyantara said that before this discovery by patrol team of BNWNP and WCS, the creature has long time ago difficult to be discovered has also successfully being detected by 9 camera traps installed in 9 different location in BNWNP area. Since the last 2 years BNWNP has been monitored wildlife using camera trapping method.


Nevertheless, threat to its existence is still very high so that monitoring through routine patrol and camera trapping were absolutely needed. EPASS BNWNP is plan to install some camera traps inside the conservation area in order to help strengthen monitoring and patrol activities inside conservation area.