Maleo Corridor Recovery In BNWNP Started

Maleo Corridor Recovery In BNWNP Started

by January 31, 2018

Kotamobagu, 30/01/2018 – EPASS project has supported the initial move on Maleo corridor recovery process that is part of involvement effort towards stakeholders in realization of Community Conservation Agreement around Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park (BNWNP).

EPASS together with BNWNP, on Tuesday January 30 2018 have started initial planting in order to recover Maleo corridor in Muara pusian, Dumoga sub-district Bolaang Mangondow District, North Sulawesi. The planting is held in an area of roughly 40 ha located in the community land who managed the land around maleo nesting ground in BNWNP. The types of planted crop were nutmeg, candlenut, Jabon, nantu and durian.

In the occasion, the head of BNWNP, Lukita Awang Nistyantara in his command told that “this planting effort is part of common commitment between BNWNP and communities, people can take the crop yields sustainably when these plants yielding, all together with covered area can be secure pathways for Maleo moving from forest to nesting ground in Muara Pusian. We do expect people can be involved in eco-tourism development in the future.”

The event is attended by some elements such as BNWNP and community from Itundud Muara Pusian farmer group as land manager near maleo nesting ground in Muara Pusian, Along with the Bolaang mangondow Government such as environment unit, agriculture Dumoga sub-district head, West pusian Sangadi and KPHP Lolayan resort region 1 Bolmong.

Meanwhile, the head of environment unit Abdul Latif said that “Maleo as protected wildlife needs support from many stakeholders due to its sustainability, including community near Maleo nesting ground to protect this corridor,” On the other hand, The head of agriculture unit Raymond Ratu also emphasizes that reforestation land with mixed crop system can defend the land function in keeping soil fertility.”

Sources : BNWNP